If These Walls Could Talk: Intramuros with Carlos Celdran

For those who have never even been to the walled city of Intramuros, try to visit while the walls are actually still standing. To make it an even greater and more memorable experience, take the tour with Carlos Celdran.He.is.the.bomb.

With his witty lines, anecdotes and his views on religion, politics and well history, it’s a history lesson like you’ve never seen and heard before. If my professor was as fun as this guy, I would have ACED that course.

I won’t go on and on about the whole tour here. Spoilers are just no fun don’t you think?

Wanna change how you look at Manila? Then walk this way with Carlos Celdran. Check out his website here.

Since I won’t be going into detail about the tour itself. Let me rename this blog into “IF THESE PICTURES COULD TALK”. Enjoy!

What secrets do these walls hold? Baluarte De Santa Barbara

Dr. Jose Rizal’s Prison Cell

Did Jose Rizal die in vain? The people have spoken.

God forbid that history repeats itself.

Paint and ink to cover the blood, sweat and tears.

A country who believes in miracles are the laziest people.

Know your heroes.

Jose Rizal’s Last Steps

Walk this Way!

The Fort 

Tour Group

Our guide, the incomparable Carlos Celdran

Cobblestone pavements of Intramuros


Parental units waiting for the tour to start

Intramuros on a lovely Saturday afternoon

What’s happenin Intramuros?!

My whip’s so cold. A real life Ferrari.

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