Be SatisFIND

Filipinos, we’re a friendly lot. In fact muttered apologies of sorry for the inconvenience and pasensya na po, is perfectly acceptable in establishments and stores that deliver less than satisfactory service. 

Of course, in the long run, that is not helping anybody. It won’t be helping the customers, who have every right to be treated well (since they’re shelling out their hard-earned cash) and especially the business who will forever be known as an establishment that well, to put it simply, sucks. With the way gossip spreads like wildfire, it wouldn’t be long before the business runs out of customers. 

I don’t usually write about companies or commercial establishment but after crossing paths with this group, I just had to share it to the world. I admit, I’m one of those customers from hell who have a sense of entitlement that I deserve good service since I’m paying after all. 

The company is called SatisFIND, very fitting considering that they help customers find satisfaction. How? They offer real customer experience feedback to companies to help them improve and upgrade their standards in service. They deploy real customers who act as secret shoppers. These secret shoppers buy the product, ask questions and do normal customer stuff except they are extra observant on the service. At the end of the undercover mission, they give their honest opinion, feelings about the establishment and overall experience. Of course, everything is very professional with actual metrics and not just “the store was cool” kind of feedback. 

Everybody wins in this story. Why? Because it is a vehicle for customers to be empowered and have a voice. Also, companies can set standards and train their employees to be better frontliners.

Do you wanna be a Customer Experience Advocate? Yeah that’s what they call the secret shoppers, how awesome is that? Anyway, you can be part of SatisFIND. If you have the passion to gather information, learn new things and write honest feedback, then sign up today by visiting . You get to eat/shop/travel/experience for free in exchange for your customer experience story. I did say win-win. 

It’s time to be SatisFIND. 

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