Euro Trip Checklist. Step 2 – Budget

Budget. The bane of every traveler. Even if you want to be spontaneous and have no itinerary, every move still costs money. Add in the currency exchange and you’re done for. Sure, backpackers have it easy but that’s because their dollars are worth a whole lot more. So if you’re a Filipino budget traveler like me, every cent counts.

This post will be all about budgeting. I’ll try my best to be as detailed as I can but yeah just bear in mind that prices are subject to change anytime for whatever reason so consider this a rough estimate.


AIRFARE – $1,100 Singapore Airlines (Cebu-Singapore-Amsterdam)

VISA APPLICATION – P10,000 (Fee + Airfare & Expense in Manila)

Click here to learn more on How to Apply for a Schengen Visa?

TERMINAL FEES – P550 (now it’s P750)

PHILIPPINE TRAVEL TAX – P1,620 (for Filipinos only)

POCKET MONEY – P200,000 for 45 days 

The safe budget for daily expenses including food, sightseeing, museum entrances, getting around and a bit of shopping is about €50 – $60. Add a little more for beer haha.


Before I list down my accommodation budget, I would just like to clarify that I am not a hardcore backpacker. I like my creature comforts. I want privacy. So shared rooms and bathrooms with strangers are out of the question. I know it’s part of the experience to meet people blah blah but I would prefer to meet people elsewhere and not because we are roommates. At the end of the day, you will definitely realize that the extra money you shelled out for a comfortable, private room is worth it especially after a long day of walking around. 

Some of my destinations are not listed here because I was lucky to crash with friends and family for free in Amsterdam, Antwerp (Belgium), Milan, Münster (Germany). If you have people abroad, call them. 

Hotel de Nevers, Paris, France –

€357  (May 14 – May 17 for 4Pax) + €0.78 City Tax per person per night

Venezianamente Apartments, Venice, Italy –

€270 (May 18 – May 20 for 4Pax) + €1.50 City Tax per person per night

Plus Florence, Florence, Italy –

€580 (May 20 – May 24 for 4Pax) + €1 City Tax per person per night

Opera Inn Suites B&B and Apartments, Rome, Italy –

€560 (May 24 – May 28 for 4Pax) + €2 City Tax per person per night

Motel One Alster, Hamburg, Germany –

€110 (June 2 – June 3 for 2Pax w/ breakfast)

B&B Hotels, Berlin, Germany –

€240 (June 3 – June 6 for 2Pax w/ breakfast)

Motel One WBF, Vienna, Austria –

€300 (June 6 – June 9 for 2Pax w/ breakfast)

Hotel Jedermann, Munich, Germany –

€200 (June 10 – June 13 for 2Pax w/ breakfast)

For individual reviews of each accommodation check this out: Where to stay in Europe?


One thing that I didn’t really count on that would eat up almost half of my budget was transportation. I didn’t get a Eurail pass because it wasn’t very flexible and was also very expensive for a one time purchase. Regional trains are still cheaper but only if you book days ahead. What I did was book at the train station a day or two before leaving for the next city. Well, lesson learned but that was also part of the adventure and the independence. Book and just go.

This is only the major regional trains and does not include Metro per city. Some don’t have prices because I lost the tickets and can’t remember them anymore. You can always look online. 

Amsterdam – Paris (Gare du Nord): Thalys Train 2 hours €60 (one way with reserved seating, 2nd class)

Paris – Milan (Milano Centrale): EasyJet Airlines 1 hour €70.36 (one way, since the train was 8 hours and more than €100 this was more practical)

Milan – Venice (Venezia Sta. Lucia): Trenitala 2 hours €37.50 (one way, 2nd class)

Venice – Florence (Firenze Sta. Maria Novella): Trenitalia 2 hours €45 (one way, 2nd class)

Florence – Rome (Roma Termini): Trenitalia 2 hours €43 (one way, 2nd class)

Rome – Naples (Napoli): Trenitalia 2 hours €80 (return, 2nd class)

Rome – Fiumicino Airport: Trenitalia 1 hour €14 (one way)

Fiumicino Airport – Dusseldorf: Lufthansa Airlines 1 hour €99.81 (one way)

Düsseldorf Hauptbanhof- Münster: DB Railways 1 hour

Münster – Hamburg: DB Railways €21 (one way)

Hamburg – Berlin: DB Railways €27 (one way)

Berlin – Vienna: Germanwings Airlines €68 (one way)

Vienna – Munich: DB Railways

Munich – Münster: Lufthansa Airlines

Münster – Amsterdam: DB Railways

Amsterdam – Schiphol AIrport: €4 (2nd class)

So basically, getting around really burns a hole in your pocket so my advice is to book way, way, way ahead especially if you have your travel dates set. The downside is, you can’t be spontaneous. In the end, it’s up to you.

Keep posted for more travel tips. Start saving and book your dream trip today!



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