Notre Dame de Paris


If you have seen the Disney Classic, Hunchback of Notre Dame, try not to scream ‘Sanctuary!’ or launch into song once you look upon this iconic cathedral. Built in 1163 and one of the most widely known churches in the world, Notre Dame de Paris is one of the must-see structures in this city.


If you remember your humanities class, this French Gothic structure is one of the first buildings to use flying buttresses.


Of course, don’t forget the famous gargoyles.


When you stand in front of Notre Dame, you are actually standing on Ground Zero. In France, all distance is measured from the point in front of the Notre Dame. On this site, you will also see the amazing number of asian tourists with their peace signs and their selfie sticks. 10487272_10203473326225827_2086318678426334304_n Other notable sights is the Last Judgement, right above the western facade’s central portal. As told by Matthew’s Gospel, the dead are being pulled out from their graves. The archangel Michael is checking their souls based on the lives they led on earth and the love for God Almighty and their fellow men – like Santa Claus checking the naughty or nice list. Those with good behaviour aka the Chosen ones are led to Heaven while the bad boys and girls are dropkicked straight to hell. It’s kinda like a big Music Festival where the VIP are ushered to the lounge while the rabble are forced to elbow with the rest of the party people in General Admission. At the centre of this rave is the DJ, I mean Jesus Christ, sitting on his throne of glory, reminding us that he came to save mankind by dying for our sins. It’s pretty amazing.




Notice those guys all in a row right above the portal? Those are the Kings of Judah, the human descendants of Mary and Joseph. Not the friendliest looking lot.

The inside of Notre Dame is massive. If you want to get married in here, you need to take a Segway down the aisle.  The stained glass windows in Notre Dame are one of the most notable of their kind in the world. They’re pretty impressive. For some reason, it’s pretty dark and creepy inside the cathedral.

10383108_10203473291304954_6208212985645970856_n All in all, Notre Dame is hauntingly beautiful. Spires and buttresses and gargoyles and all. 10491281_10203473283824767_5992600112673673076_n To end, allow me to channel my inner Esmeralda…SANCTUARY!!!!!! God save the outcasts…


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