Milan With No Plan

After Paris, we hopped on a plane from Paris CDG to Milan Malpensa Airport via EasyJet for 72Euros. It was quite expensive but the 6-8 hour train was more than 100Euros. What was supposed to be a 1-hour flight became a waste of the whole day after being delayed for 6 hours. Thank you EasyJet for making our lives far from easy. Upon arrival at Milan Malpensa, we took the bus to the train station and from there on to Milan Central.  There we caught up with Nikki who took us to her flat to crash for the night.

It wasn’t until we hopped off the tram and the bus that I commented “Wow nik, I didn’t realise that transportation in Milan was free.” Nikki looked at me and said “It’s not, hurry and jump”. Haha right on. An exciting first experience.

The best experience in Milan was without a doubt Pizzeria Spontini. A little joint in the Stazione Central area, the place was packed with people looking to order their massive Margherita Pan Pizza with loads and loads of mozzarella cheese. The place is now an institution and has been serving awesome pizza since 1953.

We ended up getting drinks at this Latin bar in Navigli where I had my first taste of the Spritz and the latino waiter wanted to salsa with me. We went home really late and ended up not seeing the Cathedral. Oh well.

So our Milan stopover wasn’t exactly the best start in Italy because there was a transport strike and we had to walk, a lot. But hey, still a lot of fun.


Rolling down the street on my Vespa, sipping on Gin and Juice…laid back…


Spontini’s – serving only one kind of massive Margherita pizza 


The lines are long, the pizza is hella good 


Eating pizza on the street on the hood of someone’s car. Rock and roll Milan! 


Lights of Navigli 

10458165_10203487674064514_6173940925267321432_n 10514483_10203487674104515_8343428072079617462_n

The beautiful Stazione Central. Love train stations’ architecture 


Address for one night – slumber party! 


Views that you accidentally stumble upon while being lost 

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