Florence de Mayo

Florence in May is a beautiful sight. There’s a burnished gold hue on everything. And no I don’t mean Instagram filters. Side streets and alleys never looked this good. Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost”. Obviously, he wasn’t talking about me wandering around Florence. The good news was, after stepping off the train from Venice. Our hostel was only a couple of hundred meters from the Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station.


 Piazza della Repubblica on a lazy afternoon


So what did I do in Florence?

Checked in at a Youth Hostel complete with bunk beds and screaming teenagers. I was lucky enough to take a selfie in a hallway that was surprisingly youth-free. For more info about our hostel, click here: Euro Trip 2: Checklist 3. Accommodations

1551568_10203540064414240_2356145296286521693_n 10553331_10203540063494217_4028658584431639746_n

Visited the magnificent Santa Maria del Fiore Basilica with the green and pink marble facade. Just wow. The most amazing Cathedral I have ever seen in all of Europe.






Oh yes Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and Dante and the Medici Family but did I visit a single museum or gallery? NOPE. Sorry world, culture heathen here. The plan in Firenze was having no plan. At least I was able to go to Ponte Vecchio, a very old bridge that was built during the Medieval times with lots of stores, mostly jewellery.

10501980_10203540065454266_4050703270802370504_n 10342828_10203540064734248_5412928022776129253_n 10553582_10203540066974304_4071480728282461134_nWalked around. Had some spritz. Walked some more. Ate Chinese food. Walked again. Got lost. Rode a bus. Took the wrong bus. Got lost. Ate pasta. Had some more beer. Ate Gelato. Crossed a bridge. Missed the bus. Walked further. Got lost in the hills. Went shopping. Met some Brits. Got free beer. Exchanged some hugs for more free beer. The most exciting part of the trip? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding at Forte de Belvedere. No, we weren’t invited.


Well now, this won’t do…


This is a bit amazing since I have read Dante’s Inferno 


10505567_10203540049893877_5528719419588483941_n 10527545_10203540063174209_4550704688133674441_n

10487353_10203540062894202_7959115560839000661_n 10565217_10203540062494192_2616413504381921821_n

10513335_10203540057894077_1140852489193283999_n 10400035_10203540059134108_2825829253470508417_n

After living of pasta and bread, this was the most awesome restaurant in Florence. 

10532798_10203540050373889_73273224636060041_n 10384063_10203540064534243_6668271575839117233_n


So what did I do in Florence? Had fun, that’s for sure.

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