Under the Tuscan Sun

You can’t not go to Florence without taking a tour of the Tuscan countryside. Since it is impossible to explore Tuscany without renting a car, we decided to just go ahead and join a Wine Tour.  We booked the Super Chianti 1 Day Tour which took us to the heart of the Chianti Classico region spanning from South of Florence and reaching to the North of Siena. I’m not exactly a wine connoisseur but hey, once-in-a-lifetime right? 

Organised by Tuscan Wine Tours, the one day tour included:
 Full day 8 hr educational tour with a wine expert for max 8 people
 Visit 2 wine regions: Chianti & Chianti Classico (with tastings of Chianti, Chianti Classico, Riserva and Super Tuscans)
 Visit 2 exquisite wineries with tours of vineyards & cellars
 Tasting of some of Tuscany’s best cheeses and olive oils
 Lunch at the butcher in Panzano Dario Cecchini with sampling of 4 different meats
 Visit to the village of Greve in Chianti
The price was 150Euros per person. I tell you, it’s pricey but well worth it. To book the tour, please visit their website:

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.45.19 PM


We arrived at the meeting place at 9AM at the Piazza Giuseppe Poggi (the Tower of San Niccolo). There we met up with our wine expert slash tour guide Bernardo of the amazing nose. As soon as our tour group was complete, we set off out of Florence. First we stopped by the award-winning winery Corzano  e Paterno to try their wines, olive oil and a whole lot of homemade cheeses. Here, Bernardo explained to us that the Chianti and Chianti Classico wines are only produced in Tuscany because this is the only place were the Sangiovese grape can thrive and flourish.


10563061_10203564693389949_8467185403849636853_n At this point, I think I may have considered living in a vineyard in Tuscany as list of to-do’s before I die. Since my pictures don’t do Corzano e Paterno justice, check this video out.

Swirl, smell, sip, repeat. Still not a wine fan but the pecorino cheese and jam made by the monks were to die for. Omnomnomnom. We scoped the place out and learned that each oak barrel used in the wine processing is about 3,000 – 8,000 euro each. Daimn. I would also like to mention here that our tour guide and local wine expert Bernardo was the best ever.




936046_10203564695750008_716513802063185770_n       10526178_10203564678189569_3334157522233365741_n

10455219_10203564678629580_1379368615952820544_n       10408041_10203564678589579_4067251268004175543_n

10525929_10203564673909462_8580714900470528597_n     10562961_10203564677029540_1700891314588848248_n

10526102_10203564675749508_5146975964375156348_n     10552648_10203564693629955_1609358027881372534_n

10570447_10203564676589529_4376809581932386426_n    10487316_10203564677549553_8752598197836453965_n

The highlight was our special lunch at the Crazy Butcher of Panzano, Dario Cecchini, who has made butchering into a sacred art form. Apparently Jamie Oliver, Mario Battali, Anthony Bourdain and other top chefs, make the trip up here to visit Dario. They even send their novice chefs to train under Dario in cutting and cooking meat. We had some carrots, turnips, celery and other garden vegetables to dip in olive oil and his special homemade salt. The we had Chianti Sushi or Raw Steak Tartare, Chianti Tuna which was made of pork, Roasted Pork Belly with herbs and garlic and Tuscan bread. Pork overload.

1937460_10203564679829610_8632809241223240413_n      10403655_10203564682109667_574873750206320752_n


So Why is Dario the crazy butcher? Well…

Tour Guide: “Dario is really crazy! He loves a good party. He prepares wine and a buffet for all who come into the store and he plays loud rock and roll music. He also likes to pinch and squeeze the ladies. He’s not a pervert just appreciates women.”  

10513475_10203564680389624_1277594989687224943_n     10501919_10203564694549978_6654232281963039292_n

10559689_10203564681669656_6317082213528454678_n    1912246_10203564680629630_6799037714869283352_n

Okay, we were warned. So we got there, had more wine, ate a lot of meat and found Dario scaring other tourists with a horn. When we asked to take a picture, Dario the Crazy Butcher laughed, smiled, hugged me and squeezed me saying “I like meat!”. Well, I have no idea if that was good or bad but we were the only ones that day who had a picture with the famous (or infamous) Crazy Butcher of Panzano.

10386810_10203564682989689_6397893103525515003_nAfter lunch, we visited another winery. A smaller one called Montecalvi owned by a lovely British Lady named Jackie. The villa was beautiful made of the original stone and brick. She took us to the gardens to have our intimate wine-tasting. At this point I couldn’t take any more wine but we learned that all legit Chianti Classico wines had the Black Rooster emblem. I think the coolest thing in the vineyard was the mini Lamborghini tractor. She made us try the unbottled and pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil which had an overpowering smell and a taste that was equivalent to a punch to the face. Wow, no wonder store bought Olive Oil was so watered down, the good stuff was very expensive.



10520680_10203564684589729_2875414591608234383_n       10363893_10203564687189794_8102519082733649691_n


10343015_10203564684869736_2632054800190061276_n     10502120_10203564696830035_8498838648092529338_n

10552532_10203564685229745_3576792338375867835_n     10351674_10203564698630080_8421659555898288764_n

Visited the little rustic town of Greve. It was so small and quaint that Belle’s song from Beauty and the Beast kept playing in my head “Little town, it’s a quiet village, everyday like the one befoooooore”. Had some gelato. Walked around. Slept on the way back.



Tuscany was beautiful! The golds and greens and warmth. I probably won’t be back. I realised the quiet farm and vineyard life isn’t for me. Preggo!

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