This is my nth visit to Hong Kong but I can’t help it! Every time I come back (and I seem to always find myself coming here every year) it’s almost always about eating, some shopping, more eating, sightseeing, and even more eating. And to think, I’m not really a fan of Chinese Food. I prefer the mouthwatering burst of spicy Southeast Asian flavors to the soy sauce-laden soupy dishes. While not my first-time in Hong Kong, there were a handful of restaurants that will definitely have me coming back to this crowded city for more.

I’m not really the best at food blogging because I don’t have prices and ingredients and whatnot. I’m all for the experience. It’s an adventure right? Next time you drop by Hong Kong, try to grab some of these good, and more importantly cheap (still pricey for a budget traveler though) food.

1. Shredded Squid – Avenue of Stars, Kowloon 

It’s a scenic view for sure. After taking at least a thousand pictures of Hong Kong Island from across Victoria Harbour, watch out for a small food stall selling these paper thin grilled squid shredded and tossed into a paper bag. Makes for a great snack while watching the ferries pass by. It’s also a good idea to get a quick bite ‘cos fighting the crowd around the Bruce Lee statue zaps your energy.


2. Macau Restaurant, Lock Road, TST, Kowloon 

While not cheap, the food here is really good. In fact there’s always a line. Of course, don’t expect any customer service. It’s also not the cleanest restaurant in town. But trust me, you have to try the Beef Brisket Curry and the Portuguese Egg Tarts.

3. Ebenezer’s – Lan Kwai Fong, Central, 

Still my favourite Persian stop. I could eat this every day. Their gyros go for about HKD$60-70. They also have other branches around Hong Kong but this is a great place to eat before partying.

4. Din Tai Fung – Yee Wo St, Causeway Bay & Silvercord, Canton Road, TST 

This Michelin star Dimsum place has a lot of branches all over Hong Kong. Check out which branch is nearest to you. You cannot miss this ’cause it’s one of the world’s top restaurants. While there are already branches in the Philippines, it’s great to experience it in Hong Kong. Order the Xiao Lang Bao.

5. J&G Fried Chicken – Sai Yeung Choi Street, South Mong Kok

This small food stall is just across the road from Exit 2 of Mong Kok, MTR Station. It is the best SPICY deep-fried chicken nuggets I have ever tried. It’s so spicy that you’ll end up sweating by the side of the road. DELISH!

6. Wang Fu – Wellington Street, Central

This was a happy accidental discovery. While sadly walking away from Butao Ramen after they told us they were sold out at 7pm, we discovered this tiny place. At first we just passed by the restaurant, dismissing it as another Chinese eatery when my friend said, “Wait a minute, look Michelin guide!”. We didn’t believe her at first ‘cos the facade wasn’t exactly the nicest looking. But after staring at all the articles and write-ups all over the windows, we were like “HOLY MOLY, this is a legit Michelin resto!”

We went inside, the place was hot because of the steam coming out of the kitchen. The lady owner was super nice to us. She explained that they only served hand-made dumplings made fresh upon order. I got the Pork and Chive Dumplings and Noodles for HKD$35. It didn’t look particularly amazing but the taste – LORD IN HEAVEN, BUDDHA AND THE EMPEROR – it was easily the best dumplings ever. Lady Owner was also awesome. She was so happy that we enjoyed it, especially being the only foreigners in the place, she gave us extra bowls of soup. We were so full, we had to decline. Cheers To Wang Fu!

Best. Discovery. Ever.


7. Dimsum Lady, Nathan Road, TST

Right by the entrance of Burlington Arcade (a few meters after HSBC Bank, G2000 and Bally) is a Dimsum Lady that sells the best Shumai and Hakaw in the area. She only sets up her stall early in the morning from 7Am to 9AM so better go by early, It’s HKD$20 for a serving. I can’t remember how many pieces but it was soooooooo good.


8. Food Republic, Silvercord Mall, Canton Road, TST

If you’re in the area, this is THE best food court with A LOT of choices. I especially like the booth that sells Crispy Pohk and Char Sui. Also try the Takuyaki Balls and the Custard-Filled Puffy Pancake Bun Thingies.

9. Street Food, Mong Kok

A couple minutes walk from Exit 2 of Mong Kok, MTR Station (straight then cross the road) is a street food stall that sells all kinds of Hong Kong goodies from Fish Balls to Tripe to Egg Waffles. I am especially addicted to the Lobster Balls.


10.Bee Ching Hiang, All Over HK

Heavenly Tapa or Jerky. I could eat this all day long. And well, I kinda did. Grilled meats YUM!


11. Yuen Kee, Granville Road, TST

Legit Chinese food. It’s not very clean. Very busy and noisy, the tables are almost always full. Typical of a local Chinese place. You don’t see any tourists eating here. They’re known for their duck, goose, char sui and crispy pork (pohk). I had the Wanton and Fish Ball Noodle Soup  for breakfast.





12. Yoshinoya, Cameron Road, TST

My go-to restaurant in Hong Kong. Really great Japanese fast food. The Beef Bowls are amazing with a side of Miso soup. A lot of Filipinos eat here actually so you’ll always end up talking to someone from the Philippines. Cheap and tasty!


13. Godiva, Harbour City Mall, Canton Road, TST

The most sinful soft-serve ice cream in the face of the planet. Decadent Godiva chocolate in ice cream form. Kill me now. HKD$45 per cone. Yikes!!!


14. Check In Tokyo Japanese Soft Cream – Dundas St., Mong Kok 

If you think HKD$45 was a shock, then this would give your wallet a heart attack. Yep,  this towering ice cream cone comes at HKD$50 each.

15. Candy Shake, Somewhere in a Secret Location in Mong Kok 

While the rest of the world is going gaga of Pablo’s  Cheese Tarts in Japan, I’ve found my answer to this recently popular treat. I’ll keep the location secret for now because finding the place is part of the experience. The tarts are HKD18 per piece with a 3+ 1 promo. Since I’m not really a cheese fan, I could only finish half because it was so rich. The crust was buttery and flaky and oh so yummy. Choose from a variety of flavours. The sucky part? The shelf life is only one day.


16. Paisano’s Pizza, Granville Road, TST

Massive slices of delicious pizza for $45 a pop. You won’t regret it. Such a great snack, or meal if you can subsist on just pizza. I myself need rice and meat. Even the plain cheese is awesome. So make sure you have a slice, or 2 or more depends.

17. Charlie Brown Cafe, Cameron Road, TST

So I wanted high tea at some snazzy hotel but my friends said no way were they paying big bucks for a coffee/tea break. We compromised and chose this SUPER CUTE themed cafe featuring some of my favorite characters from Peanuts. The interiors were so fun and I had a great time. The desserts were not bad, you could order a sampler plate of 3 kinds and the latte art was too cute, you could choose your own character!

And that’s the end of this food trip. Don’t worry about gaining a lot of weight, you’ll definitely be shedding off the extra pounds from all the walking. So how many have you tried out?

Til’ the next eat stop!

For travel tips on what to do in Hong Kong, check out my other post Top 10 Non-Touristy-Ish Things To Do in Hong Kong


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